VENI T7 RNA Synthesis Kit

Catalog number: R1001.1

This kit is designed to produce large amount of RNA via in vitro transcription with T7 RNA Polymerase. It is also suitable for the incorporation of modified nucleotides (e.g. Biotin- or fluorescent-labeled NTPs or cap analog).


The synthesized RNA can subsequently be used for a variety of applications such as transfection, microinjection or in vitro translation experiments, structural or functional studies or probes for in situ hybridization and northern blot experiments.


The kit contains sufficient reagents for 50 reactions of 20 μl each (7.5 mM each NTP). A 20 μl reaction yields about 140-160 μg RNA after 30 min incubation (1 μg T7 control template, 1.4 kb RNA transcript). Yields may however vary depending on the template (promotor design, sequence length, secondary structure formation).